Paver Patio – How much base is needed?

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A traditional patio built with concrete pavers is not built to support vehicular traffic, thus the stone base does not need to be as deep as a patio that is going to have vehicular traffic drive on it.  A ‘normal’ patio built in this area (the soil is likely to be similar whether you live in Andover, Boxford, Georgetown, Ipswich, Lynnfield, Newbury or another town in this region) will usually have a stone base of approximately 6″.  The stone base that we recommend is 3/4″ of crushed gravel with ‘no’ fines (some fines will be in the mix, but not much).  If your soil is mainly clay (holds water), then we recommend excavating until you get below the clay surface or to a depth of 10-12″.  The additional depth of the base will allow for water to collect and move beneath your patio.

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