Wilt-Pruf and Rhododendrons

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Most parts of your rhododendrons and your azaleas and hollies are probably covered by snow.  Snow serves as a very good insulator and will protect your plants.  But, some of the foliage of these plants are now exposed to the winter winds and are at risk of drying out.  If they dry out, you may lose the flower for this year and the branch may dieback as it does not have sufficient moisture in that part of the plant.  You may consider applying Wilt-Pruf on the foliage of your broadleaf evergreens, read the label on Wilt-Pruf for the specific plants that their product is safe on, during a period of the day when the temperature is above 36 degrees and it is not windy.  Wilt-pruf will conserve moisture in the plants and you may have better blooms and not as much dieback.

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