Starting Seeds Indoors

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A nice rainy Friday, during school vacation week no less, is a perfect day to start getting ready for Spring.  Today is a great day to plant seeds for some of the cold weather tolerant plants such as broccoli, onions and lettuce.  If you are more adventuresome,  this is the day to plant the seeds to your slow growing annuals such as petunias and snapdragon. 

Plant the seeds in a soilless mixture as ‘regular’ soil will not allow for the seeds to germinate as easily.  Regular soil is too heavy, but a soilless mix will have components that retain moisture while also allowing drainage.  The seeds can be planted in a store bought tray or try planting them in several yogurt containers.  In a couple of weeks you should start to see the emergence of growth and the plants will need plenty of light.  Ideally, the seeds are located in a south facing room or under extra fluorescent light as they grow.

Good luck and enjoy.

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