Pruning Aescules (Bottlebrush) shrub in February.

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Aesculus (Bottlebrush) is a great deciduous (loses its leaves each fall/winter) shrub for when you are looking for white flowers in July and August as well as ornamenal seed pods in September.  This plant does not require winter pruning, because this plant blooms on old wood and not current year’s wood.  You should always prune broken or crossing branches when you see them.   If you are going outside to enjoy the sun, help your Aescules by pruning all of its broken branches this afternoon.


Landscape Lighting up in Trees

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We specialize in designing and installing low voltage landscape lighting systems.  One way to make your landscape inspiring at night is to install some low voltage lights high up in trees.  By installing the lights high in the trees, you will be able to achieve a moonlight effect on the lawn or driveway below.  By moonlight effect, I mean the branches will be casting a shadow on the area below.  It is very impressive and will help enhance your mood even when it is very cold and windy.  The attached picture is an attempt to show the shadowing effect from lights we installed in Boxford, during 2010.


This snow looks great on the trees and shrubs in my Georgetown yard

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It is nice to only get a couple of inches of snow as the snow looks very nice sitting on the branches of all of the trees and shrubs in my Georgetown yard.  We may not see our lawns for another month, or more, but we can appreciate this beautiful setting.


Landscaping Services in Andover, Boxford, Georgetown, Lynnfield, Newbury, North Andover to name just a few

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We, Artistic Landscapes, have been providing landscape services to the Andover, Boxford, Danvers, Georgetown, Lynnfield, Newbury, North Andover, West Newbury areas of Massachusetts since 2004.  Our emphasis on providing the best value in landscape designs and installations is achieved through listening to our clients and continuing our education.  We continue earning additional certifications as a result of our accomplishments.  We have more information on our website, www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.


Landscaping Seminars at New England Grows

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3 excellent days of learning while attending landscaping seminars held during NE Grows.  Some of the seminars included a lecture on suburban landscapes and why it matters now more than ever, Artscaping and the design and installation of dry laid stonework as well as a lecture on perennials.

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