Witchhazel in Bloom

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Despite the forecast for tomorrow, I saw a witchhazel shrub in the early stages of blooming.  The nice bright yellow flowers make me believe warmer temperatures are not far away.  Call us at 978.317.9875 if you would like to learn more about early flowering shrubs.


Dig Safe

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I attended a 4 hour Dig Safe seminar earlier today and found it very informative.  Massachusetts state law requires everyone to notify Dig Safe 3 days prior to any digging.  Digging includes hand shovelling for shrubs and other tasks as well as any earth movement caused be a mechanical machine.


Crocusses are Blooming

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These sunny days are great for our Spring flowering bulbs.  I am starting to see crocusses in bloom.  Enjoy the sun!


Babson College CLTP

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I was able to serve as a coach at my alma mater, Babson College in Wellesley, MA.  Babson has a program where Freshmen get a day of coaching and feedback from alumni and other professionals.   I was matched with one freshman and watched how he interacted with his group of peers and at the end of the day I provided him with feedback and suggestions as to how he could enhance some of his leadership characteristics and make him more confident.

It was a great pleasure to once again be a part of the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork program.


Ford Dump Truck

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This week I purchased a brand new Ford F-350 Dump Truck.  The dump body is being custom built so that we can be as efficient as possible.  3 chutes on the back of the dump gate will allow us to fill wheelbarrows more efficiently and in some instances allow for the material to never touch your driveway/lawn.


Paver Patio – Slabs

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Slabs are concrete pavers with a surface area greater than 100.25 sq. inches.  Installation of slabs should occur after the concrete sand is compacted.  Set the slabs on the compacted concrete sand then sweep polymer sand into the joints.  Manually move the polymer sand down the joints then mist the polymer sand to activate the polymers.  Do not run a compactor on the slabs.


Paver Patio – Pavers

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After the base of a patio or walkway is completed, see previous posts regarding those specifics, then it is time to lay the pavers.  In general, there are two kinds of pavers – pavers and slabs.  Pavers are stones that have a surface area less than or equal to 100.25 sq. inches.  Slabs are stones that have a surface area greater than 100.25 sq. inches.

Pavers are installed so that all sides will interlock with the pavers around it.  Once the pavers are placed and edge restraints are installed, then a compactor should be run over the pavers.  We use a nylon pad on the base of the compactor as this significantly decreases the amount of scratches that may appear on the surface of the paver.  After compacting the pavers once, the concrete sand that was used as the base should have filled a portion of the joints between the pavers, then add polymer sand.  

Sweep the polymer sand into all of the joints (this is likely going to take more time than you expect) and compact again.  Sweep more polymer sand into the joints until the joints are full.  Once the joints are full and there is no polymer sand on the top of the pavers, then lightly mist the polymer sand to activate the polymers.  Do not soak the polymer sand as the polymers will wash onto the top of the pavers.


Effect of Winter Moths on Trees

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This is the time of year when we will begin to see moths eating the leaves on our trees.  I just read a very informative article on how to identify winter moths and treat your trees.  Please read the blog posting on http://www.mahoneysgarden.com/blog/winter-moth-alert for some very good detailed information.  If you believe you have moths or see damage in your trees, please call us at 978.317.9875.


Boston Flower Show

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I was able to visit the Boston Flower Show for a few hours this week (the show is in Boston and goes until Sunday, March 20th).  It is inspiring to see such great work in the exhibits.  Very interesting show.


Spring Planning – Unusual Trees

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This is likely to be the best time of the year to order a specimen tree.  If you have been planning to add some specimen or unusual trees, this is the time when growers will have the best selection and your future tree will have the least amount of transplant stress.  Most trees are still largely dormant, thus when a grower digs your tree (most digging is done between now and the middle of April) during the Spring, most of the trees energy is able to be used to get the tree quickly established in its new location.

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