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After the base of a patio or walkway is completed, see previous posts regarding those specifics, then it is time to lay the pavers.  In general, there are two kinds of pavers – pavers and slabs.  Pavers are stones that have a surface area less than or equal to 100.25 sq. inches.  Slabs are stones that have a surface area greater than 100.25 sq. inches.

Pavers are installed so that all sides will interlock with the pavers around it.  Once the pavers are placed and edge restraints are installed, then a compactor should be run over the pavers.  We use a nylon pad on the base of the compactor as this significantly decreases the amount of scratches that may appear on the surface of the paver.  After compacting the pavers once, the concrete sand that was used as the base should have filled a portion of the joints between the pavers, then add polymer sand.  

Sweep the polymer sand into all of the joints (this is likely going to take more time than you expect) and compact again.  Sweep more polymer sand into the joints until the joints are full.  Once the joints are full and there is no polymer sand on the top of the pavers, then lightly mist the polymer sand to activate the polymers.  Do not soak the polymer sand as the polymers will wash onto the top of the pavers.

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