Planted Flowering Cherry Tree and Flowering Evergreens

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We recently planted a 3-3.5″ caliper Flowering Cherry Tree, some Mountain Laurels and English Roseum Rhododendrons for a family in Andover, MA.  After we planted these large plants, we transplanted many of their existing plants including a Japanese Maple.  We visited the plants 3 weeks after the planting and transplanting and every plant is doing well and they have some current year growth on them.


Kindness to a Military Woman

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I had dinner at Casa Blanca restaurant in North Andover.  Although the food, service and atmosphere were excellent as it was Cinco de Mayo, the highlight of the evening came from what the folks who sat at the table next to us.  They paid for the meal of a military woman and her friends as she is to be deployed later this week.  This was my first time seeing someone actually doing something ‘out of the ordinary’ for a member of the military.

After hearing them tell the waiter that they were going to pay for the other table, we began speaking with them.  We found out that they have a radio show (Monday’s from 10am – 11am) on 1110AM and heandshe.webs.com.  I have not heard their (Amber and Billy Conran) show, but acknowledge their act of kindness.

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