Construction of a Natural Stone Retaining Wall

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The sub-base (the existing soil) was compacted after excavation prior to us adding 3/4″ crushed gravel as our base to the natural stone wall.  The wall is going to be approximately 24″ tall.  The gravel extends in front of the wall as well as behind the wall.  The gravel behind the wall is very important for drainage.  We installed a 4″ drainage pipe behind the wall and ‘day lighted’ it at each end of the wall.  The drainage pipe is an insurance policy if water begins to drain slower than expected. 

Stones are laid in a linear fashion and secured together with mortar.  We make our own mortar by mixing Portland I/II with concrete sand and water.


Creating a Patio and Natural Stone Retaining Walls

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This Lynnfield family had some large evergreen trees removed, because if a tree fell it would have likely landed on a house.  We were hired to make this area usable and a new space where guests could enjoy a cookout.  First, we removed the root systems of the evergreen trees.  Secondly, we excavated the hill so that we could have a level area to begin construction.

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