Compliments from North Andover family regarding natural stone walls

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We received feedback from a family whom we recently completed natural fieldstone retaining walls and install reclaimed granite steps.  When asked what they liked best about working with Artistic Landscapes, they stated “your attitude and professionalism. You and your crew have earned our confidence and appreciation. Thank you for such a great job!”

We appreciate their kind words and work everyday to ensure that all of our clients have the same impression of us.


Rain Garden at Hood Elementary School in North Reading, MA

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Earlier today, I participated in the construction of two rain gardens at the Hood Elementary School in North Reading.  In addition to the rain gardens, several other gardens were enhanced and items were installed to help with the flow of rainwater runoff.  There was an excellent turn-out of volunteers, I volunteered as my friend’s son attends this school.  Kids and adults all worked hard.


Ford Dump Truck

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We have enjoyed the new F-350 for 3 months, now.  It was worth the wait to get the custom tailgate and chutes as we are able to work more efficiently and the side door is used quite often.


How to Install Granite Steps – Base Materials

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We excavated 48″ beneath grade to reach an area that is below the normal frost line in Rowley, MA.  At this depth, the granite steps should not be impacted from freeze/thaw cycles.  After excavation, we installed a layer of geotextile fabric then installed approximately 38″ of 3/4″ crushed gravel.  We compacted the gravel in layers to ensure the gravel does not settle.  The base was completed by filling a 10″ layer of concrete.  We made the concrete ourselves and ensured that the forms which we built were completely filled and graded so that there is a minor pitch away from the house.

Do not plan to install the new granite steps on the same day that you remove the old steps, because the house may need some repairs.  As you can see from this picture, the sill of the house needed some repair by the homeowner’s carpenter prior to us installing the new granite steps. 


Compliments from recently built Natural Stone Wall in Georgetown, MA

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This week we completed the construction of natural stone walls using Blue Mountain natural stone for a family in Georgetown, MA.  The walls, brick walkway, reclaimed granite steps, plants and landscape lights will be seen by many friends of the family tomorrow night at their get together.  But, last night, they had other guests and this is the feedback which we received today “We *love* it! One of our friends said that it looks like it should be in a magazine. 🙂 And we agree!”. 

Pictures will be forthcoming…


Fall Flowering Pots

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This is a good time to change up your Planters.  Remove the Annuals which have been showcasing their best attributes all year and add some new fall colored plants.  This change will liven up the landscape around your house.


Construction of Natural Stone Wall Completed

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We have completed the construction of this Natural Stone Retaining Wall for this Lynnfield, MA family.  The cap, the stones that are at the top of the wall, are mortared together and the entire top of the wall is solid.  The cap is a combination of exposed mortar and natural stones.  In the area behind the wall, we added loam and compost with new plants and finished the area with mulch.

This wall allowed us to construct the patio into this family’s backyard hill and will provide additional seating around the patio. Artistic Landscapes can create the backyard room which you want.  Please call us at 978.317.9875 or contact us through www.Artistic-Landscapes.com. Unilock Pavers and Natural Stone Wall in Lynnfield, MA


Apple & Blueberry Picking

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Terrific weekend as I went Apple & Blueberry picking with my family.  We went to Libby & Sons in Limerick, Maine.  Although I love chocolate, their fresh apple and blueberry donuts were excellent.


Construction of Natural Stone Retaining Wall

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This natural stone wall is near 24″ tall and just needs to be capped.  The cap is the stone that finishes the top of the wall and helps the wall keep its integrity over future years.  It is extremely important to create a solid cap as the cap keeps water from penetrating into the wall (water that gets inside the wall will eventually compromise the wall through freeze/thaw cycles).

As you can see from this picture, 3/4″ gravel is used to backfill the wall and allow for better drainage and the center of this 18″ thick wall is filled with mortar.  More information about having us build you a solid, beautiful natural stone wall can be obtained by contacting us at 978.317.9875 or through www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.

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