How to Install Granite Steps – Base Materials

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We excavated 48″ beneath grade to reach an area that is below the normal frost line in Rowley, MA.  At this depth, the granite steps should not be impacted from freeze/thaw cycles.  After excavation, we installed a layer of geotextile fabric then installed approximately 38″ of 3/4″ crushed gravel.  We compacted the gravel in layers to ensure the gravel does not settle.  The base was completed by filling a 10″ layer of concrete.  We made the concrete ourselves and ensured that the forms which we built were completely filled and graded so that there is a minor pitch away from the house.

Do not plan to install the new granite steps on the same day that you remove the old steps, because the house may need some repairs.  As you can see from this picture, the sill of the house needed some repair by the homeowner’s carpenter prior to us installing the new granite steps. 

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