Firepit with snow cover

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We may not be planning to use our firepits as often as we did in the summer, as it may be too cold to sit around the firepit, but the stonework of a firepit still looks terrific on cold snowy days.  This picture shows the look of a natural stone firepit, which we built earlier this month.  We, at Artistic Landscapes, believe the stonework looks great year-round, therefor please call us at 978.317.9875 to have us build your firepit before winter.  By calling now, you can enjoy the look of the stone this winter and your firepit will be ready for you to roast some marshmallows during those warm evenings coming up in the Spring.

Stone firepit or fireplace


Emergency Trees and tree branches to be Cut

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This weekend’s heavy snow has resulted in many broken branches and damaged trees.  If you need any help, please call Artistic Landscapes at 978.317.9875.  We can perform tree removal and/or prune the damage from your trees and broken branches in many towns including Andover, Boxford, Georgetown, Lynnfield, North Andover, Rowley and Topsfield.

Damage from Snowstorm


Cohasset MA – Landscape Lights to Highlight the Front of their House

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We designed and installed a landscape lighting system that contains a variety of landscape lighting fixtures for this Cohasset family.  The lighting fixtures are a combination of fixtures by Alliance and Cast Lighting.  By utilizing many different style lighting fixtures, we are able to illuminate the house without casting and shadows from the foundation plants – a goal of this homeowner.  Their front walkway is illuminated by path lights as well as some light that is refracting from a tree located near the walkway.

Low voltage outdoor lights


Danvers, MA – Front Walkway with Techo-Bloc Pavers

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We created a formal paver walkway that leads from the street to the front door and connected this walkway with a walkway that leads to the driveway.  The rounded front steps have been there for years, thus we designed our walkway to highlight the curve of the steps by installing a dark colored (charcoal) accent paver.  The charcoal colored paver was installed in a similar style as the bottom step to help highlight the steps.  The natural stone finish on the Techo pavers fits in very nicely with some exposed ledge that is on the property.


Andover, MA – Landscape Lights on Front Entrance

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Our goal in designing this landscape lighting system is to light the front walkway without the aid of any path lights.  We highlighted each tree with uplights.  A portion of the light refracts (bounces back down to the walkway) when the light hits the branches of the trees.  The canopy of each tree is illuminated by this uplighting method which is very important, because this family can see the canopy of each tree through their family room windows.  These light fixtures are a combination of Cast Lighting and Unique Lighting fixtures.


Burlington, MA – Front Paver Walkway

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This family is having us build the front walkway in 2 stages.  This year, we built the walkway that connects the front door to the driveway.  In the future, we will add a walkway that connects to this walkway and goes to the street.

In our goal to make this walkway, extremely functional and pleasing on the eye, we installed a large circle pattern of pavers and a wide walkway using Ideal pavers.  The circle will allow for a seamless integration of the future walkway with the current walkway and the wide walkway allows us to smoothly transition from the 9′ wide front granite step down to a 4′ wide walkway by the driveway.  We have accented the walkway with a granite curbing as this Caledonia granite is the same style as the front step, light post and mailbox post.

We extended the walkway around the circle, because we believe it will make a much better looking walkway once the walkway to the street is added.  The outside border row helps accentuate the turns of the walkway and the circumference of the circle.

Ideal Pavers with Caledonia Granite

Ideal Pavers with an accent color as border


Georgetown, MA – Landscape Lights on Reclaimed Granite Steps and Natural Stone

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Our landscape lighting design included this Unique Lighting path light with a 30″ stem/riser.  The importance of the height of the light fixture is that by installing the fixture at the right height, we are able to cast light on the stones that will provide the most benefit to the user of the walkway.  This light fixture illuminates this edge of the staircase and some of the reclaimed granite steps.


Compliments from Georgetown, MA family related to stonework

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We designed a new front entrance way for this family which included a tiered front yard with stone walls, plants and landscape lights.  Our brick walkway, reclaimed granite steps, natural stone retaining walls are highlighted with path lights and a fully automated landscape lighting system as well as plants that will thrive in the dry conditions near the stone walls.

As a result of our efforts, we received the following comment from our client: “We *love* it! One of our friends said that it looks like it should be in a magazine. 🙂 And we agree!”


Georgetown, MA – Landscape Lighting of Ornamental Grasses & Walkway

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One of our keys to designing a quality landscape lighting system is that we attempt to have each light fixture serve multiple purposes.  For instance, ornamental grasses look terrific at night when they are lit correctly.  This opportunity allowed us to light a couple of the ornamental grasses with a path light.  The riser/stem of this path light by Unique Lighting was selected to complement the height of the grasses so that we are able to illuminate the grasses and the walkway. 


Georgetown, MA Front Entrance Transformation, Reclaimed Granite Steps

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The base beneath the reclaimed granite steps is compacted processed gravel.  We ensured the pitch and grade of each individual step was appropriate.  The edges of the stones are built into the natural stone returns (walls on each side of the steps) to provide a clean finish and allowed us to keep a consistent 46″ opening on all steps.

For this family, we are building their returns with Blue Mountain Natural Stone and tiering the returns.  The variations of each step helps us achieve the look that the steps are not new.

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