Burlington, MA – Front Paver Walkway

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This family is having us build the front walkway in 2 stages.  This year, we built the walkway that connects the front door to the driveway.  In the future, we will add a walkway that connects to this walkway and goes to the street.

In our goal to make this walkway, extremely functional and pleasing on the eye, we installed a large circle pattern of pavers and a wide walkway using Ideal pavers.  The circle will allow for a seamless integration of the future walkway with the current walkway and the wide walkway allows us to smoothly transition from the 9′ wide front granite step down to a 4′ wide walkway by the driveway.  We have accented the walkway with a granite curbing as this Caledonia granite is the same style as the front step, light post and mailbox post.

We extended the walkway around the circle, because we believe it will make a much better looking walkway once the walkway to the street is added.  The outside border row helps accentuate the turns of the walkway and the circumference of the circle.

Ideal Pavers with Caledonia Granite

Ideal Pavers with an accent color as border

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