Perennial for August & September Flowers

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This Eupatorium maculatum ‘Gateway’ (Joe-Pye-Weed) is a tall perennial that has reddish-purple flowers in August and September.  Even after the bloom is finished, you still have the remnants of the flowers as you can see from this picture.  This group of Joe-Pye-Weed is doing very well, because they receive regular irrigation from the irrigation system.  These plants are similar to many others in this garden as they attract butterflies.

Summer Flowering Perennial


Georgetown, MA Front Entrance Transformation

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As we looked at this opportunity to make a front entrance way that would make our clients very happy, we needed to understand their likes and dislikes.  We were able to gather that information through discussions with them and by looking around at their property.  They were eager to make the front of their house special and easy for people to use.

We had an 80″ change in grade from the driveway to the step that leads into their house, thus a tiered entrance way became our theme.  Neither our client nor us, liked the idea of 10 steps together or smaller sections of 2 or 3 steps per section, thus we designed the walkway to include 2 sets of steps.  Each set of steps has 5 reclaimed granite slabs as the steps.

Prior to installing the first step, we finished all of the excavation and installed 3/4″ crushed gravel that is going to be used as the base of our walkways and natural stone walls.  We installed and compacted the gravel for the stairs one step at a time (made the grade of the gravel correct, then installed the step and then moved up to the next step). 

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