Happy Thanksgiving!

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We thank all of you who have helped make this a great year.  We have been fortunate to have been selected for so many interesting and challenging projects this year.  But, today we are taking the day off and enjoying Thanksgiving with our families.  We will begin building a natural fieldstone retaining wall tomorrow.


Lynnfield, MA – Safe access on steps

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The purpose of these landscape lights is to provide the appropriate level of visibility to the steps that connect the deck to the patio.  We ‘hid’ two of the lights under the client’s benches that wrap around the deck and installed two path lights directly into the patio, at the same time that we built the patio.  By combining these lights, we are able to cast light over the entire width of the steps.

Safe Steps


Natural Stone Firepit in North Andover, MA

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Artistic Landscapes designed this natural stone firepit to have an opening in the ‘front’ to allow for better visibility of the fire.  Based on the location of the patios and the expected seating arrangements, nearly 100% of people will be sitting facing the open side of the firepit.  The steps to this patio were built from reclaimed granite, thus we installed a piece of reclaimed granite as the front threshold of this firepit.

Backyard firepit in North Andover


Tall Evergreen Trees with Landscape Lights

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These mature evegreen trees are illuminated in a combination of ways.  We have some lights buried in the ground and lighting the trees from the ground level up.  We also have some lights half way up the trees with some lights aimed towards the top of the tree and the sky while other lights are aimed out at a fairly level area.  By combining these lighting techniques, we are able to achieve the dramatic look that these trees can achieve.Yard lights on a tree


Green Care for Troops – Fall Clean-up

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We were very fortunate earlier today to have been able to perform a Fall Clean-up for the family of an active military service member.  Earlier this year, we installed the granite lamp post and mailbox post.  We appreciate the dedication and sacrifice that military members make to ensure our freedom and way of life.  Thank you to all military members, present and veterans.

If you would like to know why Artistic Landscapes volunteers to be part of the Green Care for Troops program or would like more information about this wonderful program, please ask us or look at our website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.


Natural Stone Firepit in Lynnfield, MA

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Artistic Landscapes built this natural stone firepit within the family’s new patio.  The location of the firepit was chosen as the firepit can be seen from their kitchen, family room and outdoor hot tub.  There is seating, on pavers, all around the firepit.

Backyard fire


Lavender by the Ocean

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This drift of lavender looks terrific, especially given the beauty of the ocean right behind it. 


Napa Winery Landscape

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It was an enjoyable few days in California’s Napa Valley.  Six of us enjoyed sampling terrific wines, meeting owners of a couple of the vineyards and looking at some manicured landscapes.  This picture was taken on the grounds of Brix restaurant – looking at their family vineyard.


Paver Walkway Design Elements – Double Border Rows

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Depending on the your preference, we may design your patio to include multiple accent rows around your patio or driveway.  Attached are projects with a two accent rows of pavers.  One picture shows the same paver installed next to each other and the other picture shows two pavers that are different in color and style.Pavers between a natural stone wall and patio


Paver Walkway Design Elements – Accent Rows?

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One of the items to consider when designing your walkway or patio is whether or not you would like a decorative stone to accent the border of your project.  The accent stone is often manufactured to the same specifications as the pavers or bricks which you use for your walkway or patio. 

The goal of using accent stones is that it frames your work.  Think of the border rows as your frame around your art (the main part of the walkway or patio).  If you like contrasting items, then you will admire a stone that is darker than the main part of the walkway and with a different finish/texture.  If that looks seems to much, then going with a border that is similar in color, or at a minimum a light color, will be best for you.  We have designed walkways and patios with contrasting colors, similar colors, with multiple accent rows as well as no accent rows and they have all looked terrific.  Attached are projects with a single accent row in a contrasting color, similar color and without any accent row.

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