Paver Walkway Design Elements – Accent Rows?

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One of the items to consider when designing your walkway or patio is whether or not you would like a decorative stone to accent the border of your project.  The accent stone is often manufactured to the same specifications as the pavers or bricks which you use for your walkway or patio. 

The goal of using accent stones is that it frames your work.  Think of the border rows as your frame around your art (the main part of the walkway or patio).  If you like contrasting items, then you will admire a stone that is darker than the main part of the walkway and with a different finish/texture.  If that looks seems to much, then going with a border that is similar in color, or at a minimum a light color, will be best for you.  We have designed walkways and patios with contrasting colors, similar colors, with multiple accent rows as well as no accent rows and they have all looked terrific.  Attached are projects with a single accent row in a contrasting color, similar color and without any accent row.

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