Update related to Boxwood Blight

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Boxwood Blight is a fungus that is defoliating boxwood plants.  You can see the impact of Boxwood Blight when the foliage gets brown circles within the green part of the leaf and then the leaf falls off.  A plant can become defoliated, but continue to live.  The current recommendation is to remove the live boxwood plant, because it will look terrible.  While removing the plant, discard the plant into a plastic bag in the area where you dug it out.  Discard the soil in the immediate area, because the fungus can remain alive and dormant for up to 5 years.  Do not compost the infected plant.  Sanitize all tools and clothes after dealing with an infected plant.


Times Square – New York

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I was in downtown New York, Times Square, last weekend.  It was very interesting, because I could see a majority of Times Square from my 19th floor room at the Marriott Marquis and had very nice dinners at Brasserie and DB Bistro Moderne.  The musical Memphis was great on Saturday night.  Sunday breakfast consisted of some baked treats from Magnolia Bakery.  Not much landscaping in that area of New York, except for a few yews near Rockefeller Center.


Landscape Seminar – Boxwood Dieback & Decline is one part of the Seminar

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I am attending New England Grows and am looking forward to attending a seminar by Joan Allen of the University of Connectiut.  Joan is going to speak on “Boxwood Dieback & Decline: What are the Causes?”.  If you would like to know more about this landscaping issue or have a landscaping question in general, please email me at Tony@Artistic-Landscapes.com and I will help.

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