Patio and Wall in an area that stays wet – how to stabilize

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For this Amesbury family, they wanted a patio that would be large enough for them to have friends come over and enjoy some dinner and music, but they have a small backyard (approximately 50′ x 30′) so location and design was going to be critical.  Based on their goals and future uses for this patio, we designed and constructed a paver walkway from the house to the patio.

But, the area where the walkway and patio needed to be installed was normally wet and did not drain very well.  Using these facts, we installed a drainage pipe from the downspout of the gutters and ran that pipe behind the segmental wall that we planned to reinstall (the prior wall needed some TLC).  This helped control the amount of water that would have possibly been a problem to our walkway and patio.

Secondly, we overexcavated (dug out more than the ICPI requirements) so that we could install more crushed stone and remove some more of the clay type soil.  We also installed a geotextile fabric that adds additional support to the foundation of the walkway and patio.  This fabric will be hidden under the finished pavers, but is critical in instances like this.

Drainage Pipe & Geotextile Fabric

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