Construction of a patio for a Hot Tub

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We created the base and a patio for a Hot Tub for a family that lives in Lynnfield, MA.  We determined the weight of the hot tub when it was full of water and people and used that information to determine how to construct the base under the hot tub.  Our goal was to build the base in a manner to ensure that the hot tub does not settle as we want the water level to remain consistent within the hot tub.

As a result of our planning procedures, we installed crushed stone and geogrid around electrical conduit as the base.  We worked closely with the electrician to understand the proper size electrical conduit that was needed and brought the conduit up within the inside of the hot tub so that none of the electrical work would be seen.

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Base for a Hot Tub

Base for a Hot Tub

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