Invigorating weather for a nice night in the Hot Tub

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We worked with a family that lives in Lynnfield, MA as they wanted to have a hot tub.  We designed the path to get to the hot tub and the patio for which encompassed the hot tub.  By making access to the hot tub easy and clean, stepping stones and pavers, we were able to help keep the water inside the hot tub clean (no grass clippings or mulch getting stuck on someone’s feet) and easy to use the hot tub all year.

The patio makes access to the mechanical parts of the hot tub easy and free of obstacles, while the extra wide patio area by the entrance to the hot tub serves as a walkway and place to dry off.

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Hot Tub on Paver Patio

Hot Tub on Paver Patio

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