Soil Stabilization Fabric in Base Beneath Patio

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We were told by this family that lives in Danvers, MA that they wanted an adult friendly backyard.  Through our meetings and discussions, we determined their ideal wants for their backyard.  As such, we designed a new deck to replace the deck that had rotted out and was their only access from the house and designed a new bulkhead that would be built with steps of consistent height and walls that were not crumbling.  We hired a professional carpenter to build the Azec deck, perform the non-masonry portion of building the new bulkhead and reflash the back of the house.

After we poured the footings for the deck, we started on construction of their new paver patio.  The sub-base level was determined by using a laser level.  Based on the type of soil and area where the patio was going to be built, we reinforced the base of the patio with a soil stabilization fabric prior to installing 3/4″ crushed stone.  The soil stabilization fabric was a key component in the construction of this patio and its required inclusion is site dependent.

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Soil Stabilization Fabric Beneath a Paver Patio

Soil Stabilization Fabric Beneath a Paver Patio

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