Firepit under Construction in Danvers

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This firepit was built with Segmental Wall Units by Unilock.  Similar to the stone planters and sitting wall, we were able to acheive a consistent height between the various stone structures by taking measurements from our laser level.  By using our laser level, we were able to begin construction of each stone element independent of each other and still obtain the correct/consistent height.

As you can see from this picture, the base inside the firepit is filled with crushed stone.  This crushed stone plus additional crushed stone which we installed prior to installing fire brick helps maintain an appropriate level of drainage from within the firepit.

For more information or to speak with Tony of Artistic Landscapes, please either look at the Artistic Landscapes website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com or call 978.317.9875.

Firepit built with Segmental Units by Unilock

Firepit built with Segmental Units by Unilock

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