Landscape Lighting on a Small Evergreen

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We are often asked if adding low voltage landscape lights to a mature planting bed is worthwhile and will the evergreens look o’k with lights on them.  Here is an example of a ‘regular’ evergreen that is about 8′ tall being illuminated with front lighting.  As you can see, the dark evergreen shrub/tree is now visible at night which has added another dimension to this Cohasset homeowner’s property and they can also see the Alchemilla and Blue Star Juniper that is in front of the evergreen.  The surrounding plants benefit from partial illumination as the light that is focused on the evergreen has some light refract (bounce-off) of it.  We along with this homeowner think that evergreens can be made to be spectacular focal points in the evening landscape.

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Low voltage landscape lights on an evergreen

Low voltage landscape lights on an evergreen

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