Pavers and Segmental Walls

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Last week, I attended seminars by Unilock and Techo-Bloc and an awards banquet by Unilock.  These are two of the leading manufacturers of concrete pavers and segmental wall blocks.

As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, I found the Unilock seminar to reflect Unilock’s goals and provide terrific in-depth information regarding paver installations and the impact of polymeric sand.  There was a lengthy segment that discussed many of the benefits that will be achieved by the use of permeable pavers.

The Techo-Bloc seminar was also terrific and Techo-Bloc has introduced a couple of terrific new pavers.  As a Techo-Pro, I was very impressed with two of the new pavers and look forward to recommending them if they become appropriate for someone.  They also allocated a portion of the day to discussing the benefits of permeable pavers.

Last Thursday night, I attended the Unilock Authorized Contractor Awards of Excellence event that was held at the DCU Center in Worcester.  This was a very nice night.  It was exciting to see some pictures of one of my projects scroll across the Big Screen in the category of Most Dramatic Before and After Landscapes.

Thank you and if you would like any information regarding new pavers or would like information on how to clean pavers or seal pavers please either call us at 978.317.9875 or email Tony at Tony@Artistic-Landscapes.com.

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