Landscape Lights along front Walkway

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We install professional grade low voltage landscape lights to illuminate wide walkways.  The reason we often select this type of fixture is that we are able to space the lights out over an extended space and not create a ‘runway’ look.  These lights are placed in strategically important locations where they can provide the most light to the walkway and ambient light to the landscape items in that area.  For instance, for this Marblehead family, we installed the lights between various perennials and spaced them evenly over the entire length of the flagstone walkway that we installed.

Path Lights to illuminate the Front Walkway

Path Lights to illuminate the Front Walkway

If you would like to talk with Tony about having Artistic Landscapes install some natural flagstone or landscape lights, please call him at 978.317.9875 or contact us through our website, www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.

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