Construction of New Office in Rowley, MA

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We were able to continue demolition the prior structure on Saturday, December 28th, 2013.  By the end of the day, all of the structure was removed and we have the stone basement to use as part of a future wall that we will build on our property.  We hope to begin building our office and garage this April/May.

Demo - In Process Dec 27 2013

Demo - In Process 3 Dec 28 2013For more information about Artistic Landscapes, please visit www.Artistic-Landscapes.com or call Tony at 978.317.9875.


Construction of new Office in Rowley, MA

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On Friday, December 27th, 2013, we started the construction phase for the building of our new Artistic Landscapes office and garage by demolishing the prior structure.  Everything went well on Friday and we were able to demolish most of the house that day.  Our goal is to start constructing the actual office in April or May.

Demo - House Prepped Dec 27 2013 Demo - In Process 2 Dec 27 2013


Natural Stone Wall Covered in Snow

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We completed this natural stone wall in November 2013.   This is what our mortared wall looks like with several inches of snow.

Wall with Snow on Dec 15 2013

For information about having Artistic Landscapes construct a natural stone wall for you next year, please call Tony at 978.317.9875 or visit our website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com for our email address.


Round Landscape Light in a Stone Wall, West Newbury, MA

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There are many types of lights that can be used to light a stone wall.  For this West Newbury, MA family, we mortared round low voltage lights directly into their wall as be built the walls.  10 of these low voltage lights were used with LED lamps and are providing beautiful ambient lighting that pleases the homeowners.

Light in Veneer Stone Wall

For more information about how to light your stone walls or landscape, please contact Tony at Artistic Landscapes by calling 978.317.9875 or looking at our website www.Artistic-Landscapes.com for additional information.


Leaf Vacuum

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This year was our first year utilizing a leaf vacuum and building a box on top of our dump trailer.  The leaf vacuum and large space in the trailer allowed for us to quickly and efficiently remove leaves for our customers.  I am pleased that we bought this new equipment.

Leaf Vacuum Used on the North Shore

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