Landscape Lights Under Snow in Georgetown, MA

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Landscape Lights Under More Snow

Walkway Light After Snow

These pictures were taken 24 hours after the previous pictures.  The heat of the light fixture was melting the snow that was adjacent to each fixture, thus more light was being spread over the walkway and tree.  But…another 2″ of snow fell in Georgetown, MA yesterday, thus there is still snow around many of the fixtures.  At this point, the snow has melted away and the lights are providing the amount of illumination that was intended.


For information about how to have a landscape lighting system installed for you or if you would like us to repair and maintain your existing lighting system, please call Tony of Artistic Landscapes at 978.317.9875.  More information is also available at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.


Unilock Contractor Seminar

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Last week, I attended the Unilock Contractor Seminar in Woburn.  I found this seminar very informative as the Unilock employees showed why there Endura Color pavers are better than some other pavers.  It was good to actually see the difference and how that is going to translate into longer lived pavers and pavers that don’t show a different color if they get chipped.

I now have a sample of one of these pavers.  Please call me, Tony at Artistic Landscapes, if you are considering a paver patio, walkway or driveway in southern New Hampshire, Maine or Massachusetts.  My phone number is 978.317.9875 and our website is www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.


Landscape Lights Under 7″ of Snow

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We are often asked if landscape lights need to be shoveled out after each snowstorm.  There is no need to shovel out the lights – if you have quality lights.  Here are a couple of pictures of path lights and accent lights within 30 minutes of yesterday’s snow.  There was approximately 7″ of snow that fell on these lights.  You will see that there is not much light making it to the walkway, but the lights on the trees have already melted the snow and are illuminating the snow on the branches.  The heat from the lights will melt the snow and I will show you, tomorrow, what that will look like.Path Light under snow

Landscape Lights Under 7 inches of snow


Patio and Driveway Extension in North Andover, MA

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We added a paver patio at the end of the driveway for this North Andover, MA family.  The patio doubles as an extended driveway, if needed, but is primarily used as the family’s backyard patio.  Plants have been added to help make this area feel very cozy, while still allowing the family to watch the kids play.


Paver Patio in North Andover, MA

Paver Patio in North Andover, MA

For more information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you, please visit www.Artistic-Landscapes.com or call Tony at 978.317.9875.


Base of Steps in Danvers

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If you found yesterday’s snow difficult to remove from the area by the base of your steps, you may want to consider having Artistic Landscapes build you a paver base in front of the steps.  We can build a landing area in almost any shape that you want or we can build a walkway that leads to the landing area.  For this Danvers, MA family, we built a half circle landing area at the base of their steps and installed stepping stones between the steps and their patio.

Fowlie - Base of Steps

For more information about how Tony and Artistic Landscapes can help you, please call Tony at 978.317.9875 or visit our website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com.


Winter Pruning

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Last week, we started our winter pruning of trees and fall flowering shrubs.  The nice weather made it very pleasant to be on ladders and working on so many plants.  Given today’s snow, we may not do much pruning over the next couple of days (this will allow some of the snow to melt off the plants, we hope).

If you want any of your plants pruned before Spring, please call Tony of Artistic Landscapes at 978.317.9875 or visit our website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com for more information.

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