Accent rows around walkways and patios

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The question around whether you should include accent rows around your walkway and/or patio remains.  Accent rows can serve as a are very effective border and can make transitioning from the main area of pavers to the edge of the walkway and/or patio more aesthetically pleasing for many people.  There continues to be many ways of creating these borders.  During 2014, we utilized many different styles of pavers and accent themes.  Our decisions were primarily based on the clients’ goals followed by the size of the walkway and/or patio as we do not want to have the accent rows become a large part of your project.

The following pictures show many of the styles that we recently used for our borders and accent rows.  This picture shows 2 accent rows that were installed within a patio that is followed by a border row of the same stones that is in the body of the patio.  This approach worked for this family as they liked having the large stones for the majority of their patio.

Accent rows on a patio

For this family, we installed 3 accent rows as the border.  The border was built with 1 style of paver, but we used 2 different sizes to help transition from the large pavers that were used in the main part of the patio to the edge.  We feel that by transitioning to smaller pavers along the edge of the patio, the smaller pavers help make this fairly small yard feel larger.

3 Border rows around a backyard patio in Revere

For this family, we installed 2 accent rows as the border.  Both accent rows were from pavers that were the same color and size, but in a contrasting color to the body of the patio.

Unilock Patio with Richcliff pavers and Copthorne Accent Rows

For this family, we installed an accent row using the same paver as the body of the walkway, but this border row has the paver installed at an opposite angle from the main part of the walkway.

Front Walkway in West Newbury, MA

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