Landscape Lights in Lexington

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We designed this landscape lighting system so that both walkways that lead to the front door will be illuminated as well as the mature plantings.  We utilized four types of light fixtures in this front yard to ensure that we achieved the look that this family wanted.  The path lights were located in positions to ensure that the specimen tree that is between the two walkways and the driveway would be fully illuminated from other fixtures these path lights would provide the necessary light on the steps and walkway.  Other fixtures are used to uplight other mature plantings.  To help make the front yard seem bigger, we installed a couple of lights up in a tree.  These tree lights illuminate the lawn area as well as the front of the shrubs.  By having these areas lit, we are able to provide a much greater sense of depth to this property.

Lexington - Landscape Lights

Lexington - Landscape Lights Along Driveway

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