Patio built in clay conditions

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We designed this backyard patio for a Newton family with the expectation that the soil had a high percentage of clay.  Clay soil does not allow for good drainage which often means that a patio will become wavy over time as the moisture content in the clay causes the pavers to move.  As such, we excavated much deeper than we would on a ‘normal’ patio installation and we used a layer of geotextile fabric to help keep the patio level.  We believe that by adding extra 3/4″ crushed stone in the base of the patio and installing the geotextile fabric that the patio will be perfect for years to come, but we were not sure because there is a hill just above the patio.  Thus, we installed a French drain in their lawn area and filled this drain with crushed stone and soil stabilization fabric.  This drain is a layer of extra insurance to make sure that this family will be enjoying their patio well beyond our 5 year guarantee.

Patio Excavated from a clay base

This is the view after we installed the geotextile fabric and crushed stone, but before we installed the coarse sand and pavers.

Patio Prepped with Extra Gravel

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