Segmental Retaining Walls – what is on top of the wall

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A clean way of finishing a retaining wall is with coping.  Coping has multiple functions.  First is that coping is a decorative way to finish the wall as the stone is normally a little wider than the wall thus there is an overhang on the front of the wall which many people find looks great.

Second is that coping minimizes the amount of rain/water that can get into the interior part of the wall.  A retaining wall is going to last much longer if water does not get into the wall as there will be less of an impact to the wall during the freeze/thaw cycles.

Third is that coping often extends beyond the back of the wall stones which allows the landscaping to be neat at the back of the wall while minimizing the amount of ‘dirt’ that washes up onto the wall.

Newton Stone Wall Along Left Side of Driveway

We recommend that an adhesive be used on all coping stones as you do not want any of the stones to tip or move after they have been installed.  If the stones are not appropriately adhered then the stones can become dangerous when someone walks on them – yes people will walk on top of the walls.

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