Segmental Retaining Walls – why tier the layers

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Segmental retaining walls are often used by us as a great cost-benefit to our clients when a natural stone retaining wall is not warranted.  If your wall is less than 48″ tall then we can design and build your retaining wall, but if the wall is going to be greater than 48″ then Massachusetts building code requires a licensed engineer design your retaining wall.  The licensed engineer is required, because there are more factors to consider such as the types of soil in that area, pressure that is going to be against the back of the wall and other technical items that are required by building code.

We often tier (the top of the wall varies in height) our retaining walls so that we don’t have a wall that is too tall in one area (might look like a fortress) and our walls can stay consistent with the height of the existing grade.  For instance, we built this retaining wall in Newton and stepped it up every 8′ or so as that helped us maintain the grading of the front yard.  We finished the wall with a pillar as that helped aesthetically and looks like an additional tier.Newton Stone Wall Along Left Side of Driveway


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