Landscape Lights for the whole front of a property in Middleton

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Similar to the Lynnfield family that we showed you last week, this client also wanted to create focal points and provide a dramatic flair of the front of their Middleton property.  As such, we created a lighting system that includes uplighting most of the trees including installing lights on the house so that we could get more of the foliage of a mature tree and installing a light about 15′ up another tree so that we could have light all the way to the top of the Birch clump, we also installed lights on the house itself so that we could uplight the columns by the front door and the stonework above the garage doors.  By combining these various lighting methods along with other light fixtures and locations, we were able to provide the dramatic flair that this family wanted.

Uplighting trees and shrubs as well as the front of the house.

Uplighting trees and shrubs as well as the front of the house.

Artistic Landscapes can design and install a landscape lighting system for you and we can also repair existing landscape lighting systems.  A lighting system designed by us will include an astronomical timer (the time that the lights turn on will automatically adjust everyday to reflect the sunset time for that day) and lighting fixtures with lifetime warranties.  For more information about us, please visit our website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com or stop by our office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike (Route 1), Rowley, MA  or call Tony at 978.948.2900.

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