Waterfalls and Pond in Groveland

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We designed and built this pond with 4 waterfalls into the side of a hill in Groveland.  By choosing this location, the waterfalls are able to be seen from 1/4 mile away as there is a street directly lined up with the waterfalls as well as from the family room of their home.  We built the waterfalls and pond with stones and boulders and ‘planted’ some of their stones away from the waterfall path so that it helps the waterfall look more natural.  Landscape lights have been strategically located in and around the pond so that the flow of water is visible even at night.  During 2016, we expect to plant around the waterfalls and pond as well as inside the pond.  Fish will begin making this pond their home later this Spring.

Backyard waterfalls and pond

Backyard waterfalls and pond

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