Natural Stone Retaining Walls, Reclaimed Steps and Patio

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Artistic Landscapes enhanced the backyard for this Georgetown family by building a new set of steps that connects the driveway to the backyard and a new paver patio.  The steps and patio are supported by natural stone retaining walls.  These walls were built to look like an existing wall as the goal was to make this area look like it had already been built for 20 years.  As a result, we used solid reclaimed granite steps for each of the steps and by using this type of stone, we were able to achieve a classic look that is easy to walk up and down.  To ensure nighttime safety on the steps, we installed 4 lights directly into the stone wall as these lights provide sufficient light across the entire set of steps.

A sitting wall was added to help remove the grading concern as the ground sloped more than we wanted and this wall provides some additional seating and the background to some plantings.

The patio was built using Unilock’s new pavers called Westport.  We found these pavers to be very nice to work with and they provide the homeowner with the exact look that they wanted.

Natural Stone steps and retaining wall

Natural Stone steps and retaining wall

Westport pavers by Unilock

Westport pavers by Unilock

For more information about how Artistic Landscapes can help transform your property, please call Tony at 978.948.2900 or go to www.Artistic-Landscapes.com for more information.



Radiant Snow Melting

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Jake Austin and Tony Hurley of Artistic Landscapes both completed training in Radiant Snow Melting that was provided by ProLine Radiant Heat Solutions.  This training has taught both of them the most effective process and design criteria in creating a radiant heating system that will melt snow and ice from on pavers.  One of these systems will result in decreased operating cost for a homeowner as plowing and shoveling will just be a memory as the radiant heating system will make it so there is no maintenance.

It is never too early to start planning and if you do not want to deal with ice or snow next winter, please contact either Jake or Tony at 978.948.2900 so that the planning can begin.


Landscape Lights that can change colors

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We recently installed 22 landscape lights to downlight trellis posts at the Oceanview Function Hall in Nahant, MA.  Each light can be illuminated with a specific color and the colors do not have to be the same for every light.  For instance, we have 4 different colors on at the same time as we began programming the lights for colors that might be wanted by a bride and groom during their wedding at the Oceanview.

Landscape Lights downlighting trellis posts

Landscape Lights downlighting trellis posts

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can install lights that can be coded to any color – you can change the colors daily, if you want) and are dimmable, please contact Tony at 978.948.2900 or email him at Tony@Artistic-Landscapes.com.

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