Masonry Repair – Compliment

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Artistic Landscapes was asked to repair a couple of old natural stone walls that had started to show their age.  These walls are next to the ocean and probably more than 50 years old.  Kevin (an Artistic Landscapes employee and a mason) made these repairs for this Beverly, MA homeowner by rebuilding sections of each wall with the goal of making it look like the repairs never occurred.  This was accomplished by ensuring the stones did not get scratched or marked during the process and that the new mortar that was visible was finished to look like the existing mortar.  As he was making these repairs, he noticed that the brick walkway had settled by the walls and steps, thus he took the initiative to rebuild the walkway so that it was flush with the top step.

As a result of Kevin’s efforts, the client provided the following feedback: “Kevin fixed a section of my old brick walkway very well.  I was surprised, but very pleased as to Kevin’s attention to detail.  Kevin picked out the moss that has grown between the bricks and placed it to the side.  He then fixed the bricks and planted the moss back between the bricks.  Great job and you can’t tell that he did anything as the whole area looks the same.

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can repair your existing stone walls or build you new stonewalls, please contact Tony at 978.948.2900 or visit our website at www.Artistic-Landscapes.com for more information.

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