Hunter Irrigation Manufacturing Facility Tour

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Last week our primary supplier and Hunter Industries invited Tony to tour their manufacturing facilities in California and meet with product managers for all of the Hunter irrigation supplies.  The tours were very impressive.  All employees appeared to be happy and proud to work for Hunter.  The product managers explained the new products to the 6 of us who attended this meeting.  I am very excited to share how a few of their products will help all of us save water and minimize how much irrigation is needed.

This is a picture of one area of the manufacturing facilities at Hunter.

This picture shows part of the Hunter rotor being manufactured.

This picture shows the room where the Hunter rotors are tested.  The ‘funnels’ down the center of the room catch water and this information is recorded to confirm the spray distance of each type of irrigation head.

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you with your irrigation system or to enhance your irrigation system, please call us at 978.948.2900.


FX Lighting – Manufacturing Facility

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Tony toured the manufacturing facility of FX lighting last week.  It is an impressive site where the components are manufactured but not assembled into a final product until an order is received.  They custom build each light by assembling the various components to the exact order.  I was able to see the brass fixtures as well as the coated fixtures.  Here are a few pictures related to the FX lighting facility.

This is a picture of the raw metal before it is transformed into a lighting fixture.

This is a picture of the shavings of the metal that were removed while forming the tops of the lighting fixtures.

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you with your lighting needs, please contact us at 978.948.2900 or stop by our office on Route One in Rowley.


Landscape Lighting Presentation for Sea Spray Garden Club

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Tony Hurley of Artistic Landscapes LLC will be presenting landscape lighting system options to members of the Sea Spray Garden Club of Salisbury, MA on Monday, March 13th at 7:00 pm in the East Parish United Methodist Church in Salisbury.  Garden club members and the general public are invited to this discussion.  We will be discussing some of the factors that we use before designing your lighting system.  We will also share ways to look at lighting systems and better understand why we are installing mainly LED systems.

We look forward to seeing you in Salisbury on March 13th.

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