Rebuilt stone steps in Ipswich

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This Ipswich family has a large set of steps that leads to their front door.  These steps had deteriorated substantially as the bluestone pieces were loose and stones were missing in the steps.  We were hired to repair the steps without rebuilding the entire set of steps as the cost to rebuild the steps was much more expensive.  We removed the stones from the deteriorated steps, removed the old mortar that was behind/under the stones and then rebuilt the steps with a combination of new stones and some of the existing stones.  As our goal was to make the repaired steps look similar to the steps that we did not touch, we added coloring to our mortar so that the mortar would look fairly close to the existing mortar.  This is how the repair looks after we were finished.

Repair of Front Steps in Ipswich

For information about Artistic Landscapes LLC can help you achieve the look that you are envisioning or repair your existing steps, please call Tony at 978.948.2900 or visit us at our office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley, MA.

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