Are lights that can have colors worth the cost?

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We are often asked if the premium to have light fixtures that can be programmed to be any color (30,000 colors or so) is worth it.  We have seen that the lights are normally programmed to be a shade similar to white (if we are illuminating a bluestone area then the lights might have a little blue tint and if we are uplighting evergreens then the white light will have a green tint) but with a nominal tint that accents the items being illuminated.  The difference between the tinted white and a white light is noticeable when you see the 2 options (each homeowner decides on the value of the difference).

We have been helping homeowners create party and holiday themes in addition to their everyday tinted white.  The party themes are very exciting and suggest that everyone is going to have fun because we program festive colors.  The following are 2 pictures of the same stone work that we built for an Ipswich family.  The first picture shows the stonework with the tinted white while the 2nd picture reflects the stonework with the party theme.

Stonework illuminated with lights that are tinted a shade of white in Ipswich

Stonework illuminated with FX ZDC lights and the party theme

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