Do I need to Replace the Footing to my Steps

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We are often asked if the footing needs to be replaced when we are updating a set of masonry steps. The answer is ‘it depends’. If the footing is still level and structurally sound then you probably do not need to change the footing (if you had wood steps and are now changing to stone steps then the footing may not be adequate to support the weight of the stone steps, so it might need to be changed). We built a walkway and steps for an Andover family and listed the footing as optional in our proposal/contract because ‘the existing steps were not that bad’. But, after we removed the brick steps we were able to see the existing footing. Because the edges were damaged and the center of the footing was showing signs of deterioration, the homeowner and Artistic Landscapes agreed that it would be best to remove the footing and for us to build a new footing. As a result we removed the footing and found out that over the years the footing was ‘improved’ at different times. Parts of the footing were more than 16″ thick. We needed a jackhammer to breakup the old footing so that we could move it.

Old concrete footing that failed upon inspection for this Andover family
Removal of the large concrete footing – jackhammering was required

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