How important is the finish of a stone to the look of a patio

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The finish or style of a stone is extremely important to the look of your patio. Many people know what they like when they see it and because of that we can show you many options before you need to decide on the look of your patio. For instance, the following picture shows the same exact 8″ x 8″ natural stone and same color but we have 3 different finishes. One finish is the natural stone as it came from the quarry, a 2nd finish shows the stone with a penetrating clear sealer while the 3rd finish shows the stone with a penetrating and enhancing sealer (much darker color).

Natural stones that are the same color but have different finishes – creates a different look

During the design phase of your project, we will ask questions and listen to what you want prior to having any recommendations for which stone or paver will be best for you. You may want the darker finish (sealed stone) and we will provide you with samples of the stones so that you can decide if the darker stone gets too warm to walk on barefoot (this is important if you plan to walk on these tiles barefoot). We can combine different finishes in the same area as that will allow you to obtain a unique and impressive finish to your patio and/or walkway.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about these natural stones as are excited by them and believe they will make some beautiful patios and driveways. You can also see some samples by stopping by our offices at Artistic Landscapes, 111 Newburyport Turnpike (Route One) in Rowley, MA.

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