Backyard walkway in Rowley

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This Rowley, MA family has several dogs and wanted a 2nd large kennel for a puppy that they were going to get shortly. Because they needed a kennel and wanted something to keep the dogs clean (when the area was a lawn the dogs often went into the house with mud), we built them a large walkway and patio. This walkway and patio was built using Techo-Bloc’s Hera pavers in Chestnut Brown color. As you can see from the following picture, we built a short retaining wall, with Techo-Bloc wall stone, on the left side of the walkway so that the kennel area could be relatively level. The Techo wallstones and patio complement the stonework that was done around their pool a few years ago.

We felt a combination of curves and straight edges would make the space more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, which our client agreed with. But, because we were looking to continue the look and feel that was around the pool, we accented the perimeter with the same Hera pavers but we used just one size.

Techo-Bloc pavers in the Hera style for a backyard walkway and patio in Rowley.
Techo-Bloc pavers in Hera Style and Chestnut Brown color for a walkway and patio in Rowley, MA
The square Hera pavers were used for the perimeter of the walkway.
The accent along the perimeter of the walkway is built with one size of the same stone that was used for the body of the walkway.

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