Lazy Susan for Granite Table

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As many of you know, I enjoy entertaining, spending time at the granite table that we installed at my house as a prototype and drinking nice wine. We have found that some people can not reach the center of this granite table that seats 8 people comfortably, so we had HedgeHog Designs in Amesbury, MA create this masterpiece for us.

We provided them with the list of wine regions that we have visited and explained to them what we wanted (an actual wine barrel that was used to age red wine). HedgeHog did the rest. They built and sealed the lazy susan that is made from an old wine barrel with automobile quality paint and sealer. By using such high quality paint and sealer, we will be able to use this outside all summer long.

I am so impressed that I wanted to share this customized wine barrel that will serve as our lazy susan this summer.

Our lazy susan made from a wine barrel showcasing the wine regions that I have visited
The lazy susan still allows plenty of space for plates and food on the granite table that we built to seat 8.

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