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As most everyone knows, I like good food and nice wine. Since restaurants are no longer allowed to serve customers in their restaurants, we have been ordering take-out once per week and having some of the bottles of wine which we bought on one of our California trips. I still think some of the best food from a sub shop type place is the Rowley Pizza Factory. The food is always fresh and the owners are just terrific. I look forward to picking up the food and talking with them.

We have been having nice italian food from the North End because Ristorante Massiminos has been delivering to different towns each day. We have had their food three times already as we just enjoy the fresh food, large portions and some of the Italian wine that we bought when we visited Tuscany.

I had a nice burger (actually just half of a burger because a co-worker saw the burger and said that it looked so good – I offered him half the burger and he took it…) from Sea Level Restaurant. We have also enjoyed meals from The Spot in Georgetown, Sylvan St Grille in Salisbury. I am sure there are many other restaurants serving great food but these are the places where we have been ordering from.

In addition to knowing how to order good meals and drink nice wine as well as local craft beers, we love landscaping and improving properties. If you need any help with your yard, please give us a call (978.948.2900) and we can meet to discuss your landscaping needs and talk about good food.

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