The Artistic Landscapes experience
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Maintaining a garden
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When your project is complete

  1. What services does Artistic Landscapes provide?

  2. We provide landscape design services that range from the addition of one small garden bed area to creating an entire new landscape for your property. Our comprehensive landscape design process takes into account your goals and will reflect the gardens, walkways and patios, irrigation systems and low voltage landscape lighting that provide your property with the look that you desire. You will work with a Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional ("MCLP") throughout the design and installation process. When we build your new patio or walkway, you have the added comfort knowing we are ICPI certified and if we build a retaining wall, planter or firepit you know that we know the proper techniques and have been certified by the NCMA ("NCMA"). In addition, some leading manufacturers of pavers have recognized our abilities and knowledge be certifying us.

    Once you have the landscape that you would like, we are available to maintain it. Our maintenance services include pruning, mulching, composting and edging your garden beds, as well as mowing your lawn on a regularly-scheduled basis or as part of a spring and fall clean-up. In addition to installing new irrigation systems, we are available to upgrade your controller to make your irrigation system more water efficient as well as to open and adjust your system each spring, winterize your system in the fall and provide quick turnaround on repairs, as required.

  3. What is the process that Artistic Landscapes uses in designing and installing a landscape?

  4. The process begins with an introductory meeting, in which we listen to your preferences and what you want in your new landscape. During this initial meeting, we will gain an understanding of both your immediate and long-term goals. Then we'll use this information to prepare a custom designed landscape that meets your goals. We then return to your home to present and explain this initial draft of the design, and make modifications based on your feedback.

    Then we agree to a written contract and provide you an estimated start date. During the installation phase, we begin by excavating all applicable areas and then construct the hardscape surfaces. After the hardscape surfaces are completed, we spread loam and plant your new trees, followed by shrubs, and finally perennials and annuals. We will install a drip irrigation system, if appropriate, before we apply a layer of mulch. Approximately two weeks after the installation is complete, we will return to inspect the plantings to ensure they are adapting to their new home.

  5. How long will the introductory meeting last and why do I, as the client, have to answer so many questions?

  6. This initial meeting may last up to two hours. We think this meeting is important, because we want to give you a landscape that will make you happy. We will ask you many questions simply to ensure that we design a garden that meets your goals, and so we can help you choose the plant materials that are most likely to thrive in your particular setting.
  7. What are some of the questions that Artistic Landscapes will ask me during our introductory meeting?

  8. Our goal is to provide you a landscape that is appealing, enjoyable and that meets your particular needs. Thus, we will ask many questions, including: