FAQs how to landscape on a budget or near a shoreline

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  1. Are there limitations on which plants I can have in my garden design?

  2. All plant materials receive USDA hardiness zone ratings. The plants selected for your property will need ratings that help guarantee your plants will survive our harsh New England winters. Most of the North Shore of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire is rated at either a zone 5 or 6, but there may be micro-climates in specific areas that differ slightly.

    In addition to climate, your garden design may be influenced by a Shoreline Protection Act or similar government restrictions (such as proximity to wetlands or conservation land). If applicable, those restrictions will be factored into your design. If your town has regular outdoor water bans, let us know so we can be sure that the plant materials we choose are more drought-tolerant.

  3. I have a limited budget and want to limit the cost of my landscape. Will Artistic Landscapes install a cheap landscape for me?

  4. Regardless of your budget, we will take the time to determine which plants are most appropriate to meet your goals and growing conditions. We will not design a cheap landscape, but we will design a quality landscape with a multi-year installation schedule. There are often similar plants that can serve a certain purpose and we will consider those alternative plants in your design. The installation process will occur in stages, thus maintaining a limited up-front cost, while still allowing you to make strides towards getting the landscape you deserve. By selecting the right plant for the right place, your costs will not increase in future years for replacing these plants.

  5. What precautions does Artistic Landscapes take to ensure a safe installation of my gardens and hardscapes?

  6. Artistic Landscapes notifies Dig Safe of pending work, and marks the future work area before Dig Safe visits the site. We clean all of the areas impacted by the renovation and leave your property clean at the end of each day. In addition, we use caution tape around any uneven surfaces. If the project requires building inspector approvals, we will attend those meetings with you, if you like.

    Most importantly we have proven that we know and understand how to implement the industry best practices and the best procedures for each task. This knowledge is demonstrated by us being certified by leading industry trade groups such as ICPI, MLP and NCMA.

  7. Can I have flowers that bloom in my yard even though my yard is very shady?

  8. Yes, there are many flowers that will bloom even in shady areas. After viewing the property and getting a sense of your goals and needs in our initial meeting, we will be able to design a shade garden that has visual interest and impressive blooms.