Whether you are already a client of Artistic Landscapes or a homeowner looking for suggestions on landscape design and planning, we hope the information here in our Frequently Asked Questions will be helpful to you.

The Artistic Landscapes experience:

  1. What services does Artistic Landscapes provide?
  2. What is the process that Artistic Landscapes uses in designing and installing a landscape?
  3. How long will the introductory meeting last and why do I, as the client, have to answer so many questions?
  4. What are some of the questions that Artistic Landscapes will ask me during our introductory meeting?
Selecting appropriate plantings:
  1. Are there limitations on which plants I can have in my garden design?
  2. What precautions does Artistic Landscapes take to ensure a safe installation of my gardens and hardscapes?
  3. Can I have flowers that bloom in my yard even though my yard is very shady?
Maintaining a garden and a garden's effect on property value:
  1. Should I postpone having a garden planted, because I do not have a significant amount of time to care for it?
  2. Should I still improve my landscape even though I might move in the next couple of years?
All about pavers:
  1. How do I choose what material to use in a walkway or patio (brick, concrete, natural stone, patio block, pavers or peastone/gravel)?
  2. If I decide to have a walkway or patio constructed of concrete pavers, does it matter whom I hire to install the pavers?
  3. Do pavers chip or become structurally weak with frequent/heavy use?
When your project is complete:
  1. After my new gardens are installed, what do I need to do to make the plants thrive?
  2. Will I get tired of looking at the same landscape all year?
  3. Does it matter when I water my lawn and plant materials?
  4. How does Artistic Landscapes determine if they did a great job?
  5. Where can I get more landscaping ideas, information and learn what Aristic Landscapes has been working on recently?