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Stone Masonry

Artistic Landscapes designs and builds benches, patios, walkways and retaining walls with your choice of stone material. Our experience includes constructing these features with bluestone, bricks, concrete pavers, fieldstone, flagstone, natural stone and segmental wall blocks. Based upon your home and your goals, we will recommend the stone material which will best meet your goals. If you need an extra parking space or a patio, we can build them utilizing pavers or natural stone so that you can get the functionality that you need while getting a more beautiful look than you might expect. Please feel free to gain ideas from looking at our displays that we built using pavers by Unilock. These displays serve as our Office parking area while other displays serve as patios and walkways. All of the stones that are on display can be used as a walkway or patio. There is a wide variety of styles and finishes for you to see.

Please call us at 978.948.2900 to setup a time for us to meet so that we can start planning your improvements for this year.

Tony is a Massachusetts licensed mason which allows us build stone steps to your front door, build retaining walls that are more than 4' tall as well as perform interior masonry including fireplaces. Tony maintains a Home Improvement Contractor License as well as Construction Supervisor Specialty License. He is also a licensed operator of Hoisting equipment.

Tony is a certified installer of segmental pavers by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute ("ICPI"), a standards-setting organization in the industry. The ICPI certification provides you, the client, with more value as you know your walkway or patio is being constructed by a certified professional installer. Walkways/patios built by us will always be graded appropriately and will have strong edge restraints.

Tony is a certified installer of segmental retaining walls by the National Concrete Masonry Association ("NCMA"), a standards-setting organization in the industry. This NCMA certification ensures that your retaining wall, steps or planter is being designed and built by someone who has proven knowledge of the fundamental principles and recommended installation guidelines of segmental retaining walls.

Unilock, a leading manufacturer of concrete pavers and wall blocks, designated Artistic Landscapes as a "Unilock Authorized Contractor" after reviewing our work and levels of insurance.

Techo-Bloc, another leading manufacturer of concrete pavers and wall blocks, qualified Tony as a Techo-Pro. Tony earned the Techo-Pro designation, because he is both ICPI and NCMA certified and Techo-Bloc reviewed some of the walkways/patios/retaining walls that Tony built. In addition to reviewing his certifications and completed projects, Techo-Bloc also reviewed Artistic Landscapes' insurance policies.

During 2010, we participated in a dry stonewall workshop led by 1 of the 7 master craftsman, as certified by the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, in the entire United States. Based on our knowledge of best practices and how to build a quality project, we guarantee that the materials we install will not settle excessively and will not crack or loosen for a minimum of five (5) years after installation. We will add joint sand, if needed, free of charge during these years as well.

To see some of our more current projects, please visit our blog at as we attempt to update our blog on a regular basis to keep you abreast of what we are doing and current landscape items.

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Masonry in Boston

Examples of Our Masonry Work

This Newburyport family wanted a patio that they can entertain on and have a wood burning firepit with a stone bench around it for seating. We built the patio with Unilock pavers and in an effort to emphasize the difference between the firepit area and the dining area of the patio we utilized 2 different colors of pavers. We enjoy seeing the Copthorne bricks make a complete circle around the firepit and as an accent around the patio and the stone walls.

This Newburyport family wanted a patio that they can entertain on and have a gas firepit to sit around. They choose to have a gas firepit rather than a wood burning firepit since they have 3 children under the age of 5 and felt the gas would have a more controlled flame and is easy to start and end the fires.

This Southborough family has changed the entrance to their house by removing the wooden deck and steps and having us build them a raised stone patio with natural stone retaining walls and a ramp connecting the driveway to their main door. We mortared these stones, but kept the amount of mortar visible to a minimum by hand chiseling the stones to create the natural, dry stone look.

This Georgetown family has changed the entire front of their house, during 2011, with new natural stone retaining walls, steps built with reclaimed granite, walkway with reclaimed bricks accented with new plants and a low voltage landscape lighting system. These walls allowed this family to finally have a tiered front yard like they wanted.

We built natural fieldstone walls from thin flat stones for this Boxford family. These walls and set of reclaimed granite steps allows this family access to their lawn and kids playground areas.

The following are pictures of various natural stone walls that we built in Marblehead, North Andover and Quincy as examples of our work.

The following are pictures of some of the paver patios which we have built over the last couple of years. These patios were built for families living in Beverly, Danvers, Georgetown, Revere and other nearby towns.

In addition to the natural stone retaining walls, we have built segmental retaining walls as well as veneer walls. The first photo is of a segmental retaining wall that we built along a driveway in Newton, MA and the 2nd photo is a veneer wall that we built in West Newbury, MA.

Front walkways are often built with pavers, but the layout varies greatly. Some walkways include a border while others don't and this border row is strictly an aesthetic decision as the walkway is built the same way regardless of the border row that may be used as an accent. These photos are from walkways that we built in Manchester and West Newbury, MA.

If you need to add steps into your landscape, we have many options for you. The options for steps include natural reclaimed granite steps, stone steps with limestone or bluestone treads and manufactured steps amongst many options. The first photo is of a staircase that we built into the side of a hill for a family in West Newbury, MA. The 2nd photo reflects a set of steps that we built with veneer risers and limestone treads while the 3rd photo reflects some manufactured steps that we built within segmental walls that we built.

Additional Examples of Our Masonry Work

This Lynnfield family has dramatically expanded their outdoor living space. With the addition of two patios connected by stepping stones and a new hot tub, this family will be spending much more of their relaxing time outdoors in their new living space. A natural stone firepit was built in a location where it can be seen from both the hot tub and from the deck. The serpentine layout and oversized stepping stones provide the aesthetic appeal which they hoped.

Formal Backyard Patio with Large Stones Outlined with a Double Border Row, in Lynnfield Walkway To Hot Tub and To Deck, in Lynnfield

This North Andover family has more than doubled their outdoor living space with this new private brick patio. By building stone retaining walls that compliment the walls which were built many years ago and installing a flight of reclaimed granite steps, this new patio looks like it was part of the original design and layout of the property.

Rustic Backyard Brick Patio with Natural Stone Retaining Walls, in North Andover Reclaimed Granite Steps, in North Andover

The entrance to this Salisbury family's home is now fully accessible from the driveway with pavers. Complimenting the walkway is a retaining wall that aligns with the height of the bottom step and between the wall and the porch will be plants.

Entrance Walkway and Retaining Wall for Foundation Plants, in Salisbury Walkway To Side Door From the Driveway, in Salisbury

This historic looking walkway fits right in with many of the other brick walkways in Newburyport. We accented the bricks with a cobbletsone edge.

Historic Looking Entrance Walkway, in Newburyport

This Georgetown family's driveway is anchored with these natural stone retaining walls. The pillars lead a guest to the front walkway while the rod iron gate leads guests to the backyard and deck.

Fieldstone Retaining Wall with Iron Gate and Fencing, in Georgetown Fieldstone Retaining Wall with Stone Pillars and Steps, in Georgetown

This Salisbury family added on to their garage and needed a new walkway to get from the front of their home to the back deck and hot tub. As a complement to their plantings, we built two new raised stone planters.

Paver Walkway and Built-in Stone Planters, in Salisbury

This Arlington family added a new walkway, a retaining wall and increased the width of their driveway with the use of pavers and segmental retaining wall block. Now they have sufficient off-street parking and a paver walkway to get to the main door.

Segmental Retaining Wall with Stepped Grade Changes, in Arlington Paver Walkway through a Wooden Arbor, in Arlington Pavers and Segmental Wall Block Steps, in Arlington

This Georgetown family added a new walkway to their porch as they had been traversing on stepping stones.

Paver Walkway, in Georgetown Pavers installed in a circle pattern, in Georgetown

This Hamilton family added a new brick walkway to their front door as guests used to have to walk over the cobblestones and onto lawn on their way to the front door.

Brick Walkway, in Hamilton

This North Andover family added these steps with a large platform landing so that they were no longer forced to step back down the steps when they opened the door to their home.

Paver steps, in North Andover

This North Andover family added a flagstone walkway with granite steps to their front door as people were having difficulties walking up the hill between their driveway and their front door.

Irregular Shaped Bluestone Walkway, in North Andover

This Freedom, NH family added this paver walkway to connect their driveway to their oversized front steps.

Paver Walkway, in Freedom, NH