Plantings for Entire Property and Sod Lawn

This family wanted an entire landscape of mature trees, shrubs and perennials to be complimented with a sod lawn. View before and after photos.

Feng Shui Gardens

Planting layout that follows the principles of Feng Shui. By desiging a layout of plants based on foliage colors and landscape features that cooperate with the discipline of bringing a balance to life, we achieved the desired Feng Shui Gardens. View before and after photos.

Foundation Plantings for Side and Back Yard

This family wanted to implement the plans drafted by a landscape architect and had us obtain and plant all of the plants as well as adjust their irrigation system setup for the new planting beds. View before and after photos.

English Style Gardens

Plants with interesting and colorful foliage were planted closely together so that each group of plants will make a significant impact on the overall landscape based primarily on the foliage of these plants. This garden is adjacent to an old brick walkway. View before and after photos.

Reclaimed Granite Slab Step and Repaired Lawns and Irrigation System

This family wanted their property repaired after construction was completed in the backyard and had us repair and improve many small items. View before and after photos.

Natural Stone Retaining Wall and Rod Iron Fencing

This family wanted new natural stone retaining walls with minimal visible mortar. We built a pair of natural stone walls and chiseled the stones to maintain tight edges with minimal visible mortar. As a finishing touch, we installed the decorative rod iron gate and fencing on the stone wall bordering the backyard. View before and after photos.

Curb Appeal and Foundation Plantings

This family wanted to add some curb appeal to their property with plants that would be able to thrive despite the family's two large dogs. Thus, we planted many plants which bend in the wind or when run over by a large dog and other plants which have a very strong branch structure. View before and after photos.

Screen Porch Garden by Golf Course

This family wanted vibrant flowers and fragrance from their plants to compliment their screen porch. The new garden is located between the screen porch and the golf course, thus the arrangement of plants needed to be aesthetically pleasing from both the home and the golf course. View before and after photos.

Paver Walkway & Stone Planters

This family wanted easy access to their backyard, deck and hot tub after an addition was made to their garage. View before and after photos.


This family wanted a pond with a set of waterfalls to help hide the noise from the city road where they live. Thus, we installed a multi-level pond system with waterfalls connected by a small stream. View before and after photos.

Driveway, Patio & Yard

We created a new driveway constructed of pavers with a dining area off to the side. In addition, we installed a completly new yard with sod, mature trees and lined the property with cobblestones. View before and after photos.


This couple desired to have a private eating area. We created this bistro with easy access to their kitchen and herb garden. View before and after photos.

Front Entrance Walkway

The need to connect their driveway to their front door was a must for this family with children under the age of 7. Thus, we created an elegant walkway consisting of granite steps and natural irregular shaped flagstone. View before and after photos.

Redesign of a Front Walkway

The need to redesign the walkway which had connected this homeowner's driveway and front door to be a more aesthetically pleasing walkway using most of the same pavers. View before and after photos.

Deer Resistant Front Gardens

The homeowners' wanted gardens filled with plants which would thrive with limited sun while not growing more than 6' tall. View before and after photos.

Exterior Improvements

The need to allow better access around the property with lower upkeep led this homeowner to have a walkway constructed of pavers, a segmental retaining wall built before installing an in-ground irrigation system for her new plants. She is also enjoying the plants at night as a result of the installation of low-voltage landscape lights. View before and after photos.

Curb Appeal

The homeowners' moved into their new home and wanted to add some plants and color to the front of their home. They wanted the plants to be pleasing to them and their 2 daughters, while not requiring a great degree of upkeep. View before and after photos.

Commercial curb appeal

This established business is upgrading its facilities over the course of a couple of years. During 2005, all of the lawn was removed and replaced with garden beds and a new lawn. The garden beds are being planted over a two-year period. The beds include various trees, evergreen and deciduous shrubs as well as ornamental grasses. View before and after photos.


The old path of pea stone and concrete circles was no longer providing the appropriate access to the most used door of the home. We designed a walkway built with pavers and included a circle pattern to allow the natural curve towards the home to be less noticable than a 90 degree turn. View before and after photos.

Welcoming Garden

A very steep hill has made maintaining a lawn very difficult and some erosion has resulted in the homeowners not enjoying their first view of their home. We designed a garden within a section of this hill that will provide year-round interest and minimal maintenance. View before and after photos.

Entrance Steps

A growing family moved into a house that did not provide safe and easy to use steps between the driveway and the kitchen. This made carrying the groceries difficult and caused some concern that one of the three children might hurt themselves on the old steps. We designed steps with an extended platform that allows the entire family to wait on the same level, while the kitchen door is opened. Our oversized steps are made from pavers and are rounded to provide easy access to the driveway and two future gardens. View before and after photos.

Bamboo Garden

This neighborhood has been steadily growing and now this family's deck is lined up with a house being built. Given space constraints and a desire for the plant material to reach a height of 12-14' by the summer of 2007, we designed a bamboo grove garden. The bamboo will fill a 10' long area, while remaining less than 5' deep and will reach varying heights upto 20'.View before and after photos.