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Irrigation Systems

Artistic Landscapes installs in-ground irrigation systems for lawns and drip irrigation systems around planting materials. We use quality products from Rain Bird and Hunter to create an automatic irrigation system for you that will be set-up to conserve water.

Artistic Landscapes will help you address your concerns about using too much water in your landscape. Many of us are trying to "be green" and conserve water and other natural resources. We can improve your existing irrigation system with a new controller that has cutting edge technology. Your new controller will stop your irrigation system from turning on, even before it rains if rain is in the forecast. Please call us and we can explain more about today's technology and how it is improving our environment and lowering your future costs.

We service all irrigation systems, including those not installed by us, and we respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. These services include opening your irrigation system in the spring and winterizing your system in the fall. In addition, we can diagnose and repair your irrigation system, as needed, in a timely manner.

Examples of Irrigation Systems Installed or Maintained by Artistic Landscapes

This North Andover family had us find and repair a leak in their pre-existing irrigation system. As a result of this repair, they are no longer wasting water and the family's well no longer runs dry. Now, all of the water from the irrigation system is absorbed by the lawn and shrubs.

We installed this irrigation system for this Groveland family. This multi-zone system includes Hunter rotaries and Rain Bird sprayers for the lawn as well as drip irrigation around the new plants. Of course, this system includes a rain sensor to help prevent watering during rainy times.