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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems

Artistic Landscapes of Rowley, MA designs, installs and services low voltage landscape lighting system (night lighting) that will best highlight your existing landscape. Tony is a Certified Landscape Lighting Designer and a FX Luminaire Luxor Specialist who knows when it is best to include uplighting to highlight stone work or tree structure, shrub lighting and other outdoor lights for paths and/or general nighttime atmosphere. We guarantee the outdoor lighting materials we install for a minimum of two years after installation and some of the manufacturers (including Aurora, FX and Unique Lighting) that we use offer a lifetime warranty on the fixtures. We are also available to service and maintain all landscape lighting systems. We have a few parts in inventory to repair old Nightscaping products.

Our low voltage landscape lighting systems will add beauty to your property, make your property safer and add a tremendous value to your home. Based on where we locate the fixtures, how many watts per 'bulb' and the angle of the lamp, we are able to create dramatic focal points and have a moonlight effect on your landscape. We use state of the art components. New technology allows us to customize your lights to do exactly what you want them to do - best of all, all of the work is done for you. The operating costs of the lighting system tends to be minimal as we utilize LED bulbs and timers that adjust for the daily sunset changes and are programmed to turn off when you want. We installed light fixtures that can change colors in Beverly, Ipswich, Nahant, Newburyport and Topsfield, MA to name a few towns and we installed low voltage landscape lighting systems (night lighting) in many Massachusetts towns including Andover, Arlington, Beverly, Boxford, Bradford, Cohasset, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Ipswich, Lynnfield, Melrose, Newburyport, North Andover, Peabody, Rowley, Southborough, Topsfield and Quincy. We look forward to adding night lighting to families in many New Hampshire families as well.

Call us today if you would like us to design and install your low voltage landscape lighting system this Spring. We can design your outdoor lighting system this winter and order your Aurora, FX or Unique lights so that we are ready to install them as soon as the ground thaws. One benefit to designing your landscape lighting system over the winter is that we can set up some temporary lights for you to move around and see the significant improvement in your landscape without having to wait until 8 pm or later for it to get dark.

We maintain our own blog at in our effort to keep you abreast of what we are doing and current landscape items as well as to show you how some of our prior projects look - years after the installation.

Examples of Landscape Lighting Systems Installed by Artistic Landscapes

Our client requested lights on each trellis post that could change colors based on each function (weddings, corporate parties, etc.), thus we installed a lighting system with lights that can be dimmed and change colors. This picture shows one of the color schemes that we setup for them. Each light is controlled by an ipad and we have grouped the lights so that changing the colors is done easily.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Nahant, MA

After listening to our client, we understood that this family wanted to see their Lynnfield home with nice night lighting in such a way that people can see most of the property and not create a front yard with many 'spotlights'. Their concern of having too many lights was addressed so that we could achieve their goal of making the whole front of the house look great while not creating a runway look. We used different types of light fixtures and different landscape lighting techniques to achieve the look that they wanted.

Most of these landscape lights are manufactured by Unique Lighting Systems.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Lynnfield, MA

There are many ways to uplight the front of your house and depending on your objectives, we will create a lighting design that will enhance the beauty of your house. We use different types of light fixtures depending on the spacing of your windows as we try to ensure that minimal night lighting enters into your living space. Here are some examples of how we illuminated the front of a brick house in North Reading, an old Colonial in Newburyport and a newer Colonial in Byfield. Additional pictures are available on our blog.

We cast uplighting on this North Reading home so that the lights are illuminating the bricks and not the windows. The walkway is visible through the use of path lights and both accent trees near the house are highlighted with uplighting.

Low Voltage Night Lighting of a Brick Home in North Reading, MA

We installed a cobblestone apron in the narrow space between the home and the public sidewalk in historic Newburyport. With this limited area, we utilized fixtures that are recessed into the ground and are flush with the top of the cobblestones.

Low Voltage Night Lighting of an old colonial home in Newburyport, MA

We illuminated this Byfield, MA home with a landscape lighting system that covers the entire property. As a result of the wide variety of plantings and effects which we wished to make, we utilized several different types of fixtures. But, once again, we selected specific fixtures for uplighting the front of this home by positioning the lights between the windows and accenting this look with additional lights on the surrounding plants.

Low Voltage Night Lighting of a colonial home in Byfield, MA

Landscape Lighting Along a Brick Walkway in Byfield, MA

Here is an example of making a welcoming look from the street all the way down the driveway and to the front door. We included landscape lights on both sides of the walkway and front door to help provide a greater sense of balance and depth to the front yard of this Lexington home. Low Voltage Night Lighting to Welcome Along the Driveway and Front Entrance Way of this Lexington, MA Home

Low Voltage Accent Lights by the Front Door and Entrance Way of this Lexington, MA Home

We designed and installed an automated landscape lighting system for the Wayside shopping center in Burlington, MA. One aspect of this lighting system is that we highlighted the stonewall that is near the Route 3 intersection and the road leading to the front entrance way of this shopping center. We can create a similar look with your stonework or house.

Low Voltage Night Lighting of a Natural Stone Wall in Burlington, MA

We have been including lighting into many of our stone walls. Here are a couple of pictures of lights that we mortared into these natural stone walls for a Southborough, MA family. The lights in the wall help make this raised patio safe by defining the edge of the patio while the lights outside of the wall help showcase the stonework and plantings. Landscape Lighting Installed as we Built a Natural Stone Wall in Southborough, MA

Landscape Lighting Installed as we Built a Natural Stone Wall in Southborough, MA

We are often asked if it makes sense to uplight trees that 'are just in the backyard'. We believe mature plantings can be even more enjoyable than newly planted trees as the canopy is greater and you can gain a greater sense of privacy. For this Georgetown family, we accented the hedge of evergreens with lights so that they could see to the end of their formal backyard. Landscape Lighting Uplighting Trees in the Backyard of a Georgetown, MA home

For this Methuen family, we provided a great sense of privacy by uplighting these mature trees. Because of the height of these trees, we installed some lights partially up the tree so that those light fixtures are able to illuminate the upper portions of the trees.

Landscape Lighting Uplighting Mature Trees in Methuen, MA

This Lynnfield family has dramatically expanded their outdoor living space. With the addition of two patios, stepping stones and a hot tub lighting became critical for them to fully appreciate their landscape each evening. The addition of low voltage landscape lights including path lights, and accent up lighting of trees and a cascade of branch shadows from a couple of strategically placed lights up in the canopy of some evergreen trees provide the aesthetic appeal which they hoped.

This Cohasset family has increased the safety around their home for their 2 young boys through a lighting system that illuminates the front of their home as well as their backyard.

Landscape Lights for Curb Appeal and Safety in Cohasset, MA

Lights For the Steps and Patio

Low Voltage Accent Lights Around New Outdoor Living Room Low Voltage Accent Lights To Reach Hot Tub

In addition to the path lights we are up-lighting some trees and cascading branch shadows from a couple of strategically placed lights up in the canopy of evergreen trees to provide the aesthetic appeal which they hoped.

This Boxford family's driveway is now lit by a variety of low voltage landscape light fixtures and techniques. The entrance to the driveway was previously tough to find, because it is located on a very dark country road. But, with new lights in the trees angled down towards the entrance and along the driveway, it is now easy to find the driveway and their home.

Driveway and Trees Accented with Low Voltage Landscape Lights, in Boxford Up-Lighting of Birch Trees, in Boxford Down-Lighting of Driveway Entrance with Branch Shadows, in Boxford

This Arlington family welcomes everyone to their home with Brushed Nickel Fixtures constructed by Aurora. These low voltage lights include path lights, a light that hangs in the center of their arbor as well as lights mounted directly to the exterior wall of the home.

Aurora Low Voltage Lights

Aurora and Cast Low Voltage Lights

This Groveland family's desire for a Japanese inspired backyard retreat resulted in stones hand laid in the form of a dry stream. The dry stream is highlighted with Aurora Path Lights and a Red Bud (Cercis Canadensis) tree is highlighted with a Cast MR-16 lighting fixture.

Cast Low Voltage Well Lights in Georgetown

This Georgetown family's landscape includes a Magnolia tree as the focal point when walking to their porch. This Magnolia tree is highlighted with Cast Well lighting fixtures.

Cast Low Voltage Landscape Lights in Groveland

The border of this Groveland family's patio includes Hydrangeas being trained on trellis'. The hydrangeas are highlighted with Cast MR-16 lighting fixtures.